You are now standing in the bathroom.

The bathroom has seen it’s own share of renovations over the years. Previous visitors remember how scary it was when the toilet was beside the basement door.

The toilet was moved, it got a new sink, a stand up shower was installed. The floor is new, the bathroom has new lighting, and the basement door found under three layers of floorboard was put back.

When the floor was pulled up, artifacts were found in the floor boards.


Also lodged in the wall was a story from Beth, Claras oldest daughter to her friend in Buffalo.  Ask yourself why was it lodged in the wall?


Carved bullheads were found in the wall of the bathroom.  These bullheads turned out to be neckerchief slides dating back to the 1950’s.


Wood from the frame of the bathroom during renovation was examined by Jeff Fent and he found a pre-revolutionary war bullet in it.  The bullet predates the house, so this means someone shot the bullet into the tree, and then the tree was farmed for the house.