Despite the Covid – 19 pandemic and multiple setbacks this year with events, Mad-Con 3 was held Outdoors at Madison Seminary in Madison Ohio on Saturday Sept 19th 2020. The People that attended this year came wearing masks and showed respect in regards to social distancing.  The event went off without a hitch.  Speaking with Adam Kimell the owner of Madison Seminary he stated that “I didn’t know what to expect this year”, But he and his large team of volunteers put a game plan together. They started doing Online Auctions and getting donations from businesses and Other Haunted locations across the United States, securing Guest investigators and Speakers, and also started planning for an outdoor event for the first time in its history.  It was the most perfect day, not to hot, not to cold, it seemed like luck was on everyone’s side. It couldn’t have worked out much better than this.

I scrolled through my phone and looked at a message from Ady Gaddis (The Manager of Madison Seminary) and she had told me that her goal this year was to hopefully reach $4000. This is where it gets good! The Resident Undead Team got so many donations from TV personalities, haunted locations offering overnight stays and tours, Readings, Jewelry etc. The List goes on and on.. The Chinese Auction was a huge success! People that couldn’t make it from out of state purchased tickets before hand, it seemed like everyone wanted to be part of this amazing event. At the end of the day The Biggest winner was The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Mad-Con 3 had raised almost 11 Thousand Dollars!

Congrats to EVERYONE!!! This was a team effort, weather you made a donation, purchased a ticket to a ghost hunt, attended the event or participated in the auction from afar, this had all the makings of success written all over it! Congrats to Adam, Ady and the whole team at Madison for all of their efforts in organizing such an amazing event! You guys all rock! I am setting a goal for hinsdale next year to donate not only an auction items, but $1000 toward the event itself! Thank you for being an inspiration to eveyone.