You are standing in Mary's Room. Mary's room was one of the most haunted spots in the house. Just listen to Paul Kenyon, eyewitness.

Lorraine Warren has strong words of advice for Nick when he experiences uncomfortable feelings in Mary's room.

Synonymously tied with the world of the paranormal, Connecticut’s Ed and Lorraine Warren are often regarded as some of the prolific paranormal investigators of the 20th century.  

For the better part of 50 years, the Warrens have investigated supposed paranormal activity across the globe including the famous Amityville Horror and the Enfield Poltergeist.

The Warren’s and Father Alphonsus Trabold consulted with each other on the hauntings in the Hinsdale House.

Although not much is written on their visit during the time of the hauntings in the 1970’s, the Warrens tell us they were there and visited, here in an audio clip from Paranormal Lockdown, we can hear Lorraines voice talk about the Hinsdale House visits.

Nick receives a terrifying evp in Mary's room.

Nick Groff is a well known paranormal investigator.  In 2020 his new project “Death Walker” series was announced. Groff’s projects are syndicated in over 50 countries world-wide! Groff travels the world in search of discovering new findings within the unknown.

Paul Kenyon an eyewitness, describes what Alex Tanous, famous psychic saw in Mary's room.