The goal of Fleetwood ParaCon 2020 was to fundraise money to support the restoration efforts of the steeple. Last year, Fleetwood ParaCon was able to raise over $2,000 – this money went into the main roof structure to completely seal up any and all holes, as well as repair a portion of the foundation of the Church and repair some of the damages in the walls. This year, the money raised will be going to repair the last remaining holes, which are all in the steeple. This money will help fund it’s restoration and structural integrity. Thanks to our countless vendors, speakers, volunteers, and guests, we were able to raise over $4,600 this year!

Much of its history is shrouded in mystery; it is known that a building originally stood on the same grounds in the 1850s, and the Church was built upon the same foundation that this original building utilized. Today, bullets and bullet holes are commonly found in the foundation of the Church. Just paces away, one of histories greatest and largest cavalry battles took place. On June 9, 1863, over 20,000 troops – including 17,000 cavalry – engaged in battle. This battle ended the Confederate cavalry’s dominance in the East and established the Federal cavalry as a strong and confident force. Another 20+ battles and skirmishes occurred right in this general area, making it the most fought-over area in American History.

These grounds were utilized through-out the Civil War as a field hospital for both Union and Confederate forces from the battles nearby, including the Battle of Brandy Station. In the winter of 1863-1864, it served as the headquarters for Federal Forces.

The Fleetwood Church is available for private investigations, and those who wish to investigate the church can reach out to the Historic Haunted Fleetwood Church Facebook page, or to Spirit Guides Paranormal.


The Board of Directors are in  discussions right now for a Fleetwood ParaCon 2021. They are looking at what went well, what didn’t go so well, where they can improve, and how we can top Fleetwood ParaCon 2020 – which seems like a fairly insurmountable goal with how many amazing people came together to join hands to be part of something greater than any single person or group! But we will certainly do our best! We hope to plan for and see everyone for Fleetwood ParaCon 2021!