JUMBO SIZE Honey Bee mug. 2 of 2


We love bees, but not when they are so loud, we can’t hear our electronic voice phenomena. In honor of the bees, get this cute set of honey bee porcelain mugs. There is a set of two, so look for the other mug with just the honey bee pattern on it!

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JUMBO SIZE Bee Happy, our bee coffee mugs. Look for the other part. ( 2 of 1) “Over 500,000 honey bees were saved from inside the structure of the Haunted Hinsdale House. For some reason the Haunted Hinsdale House is able to attract all types of insects all year round, even during long cold New York winters. “While these swarms can be intimidating, swarming bees are actually at their most docile because they do not have a hive to defend and have filled their bellies with honey for the long journey to establish a new home site.”


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